Ala Carte Real Estate

Here at Select, we realize that not every seller has the same level of expertise and comfort with real estate transactions. Like any service, sometimes you need a little more, sometimes you need a little less.  Maybe you don’t need or want a full service real estate solution? Traditionally, your only option has been to go the for sale by owner route. We’ve decided to offer an alternative. For a flat fee, we will put your listing on MLS (where it will disseminate amongst a host of websites) and set you up for success. All of our Flat Fee listings include a one hour consult where we go over what your responsibilities are as a seller in the state of North Carolina. In addition, we’ll provide the documents you need to get started and go over them with you. This is your time to ask us any questions and to decide just how much you want to do yourself.

Unlike the national companies that offer this service, we’re local to you. If you want to change the price on your house, change the description, or even add or remove pictures (up to 15), we’ll do that for no additional fee for the life of your listing with us. Additionally, if you feel like you need extra assistance, we’ll only charge you for the time it takes to get it done. We also have a full selection of add-on services we provide for additional fees up front.

Basic Package – $350 ($50 renewal)

Our basic package includes posting to the Triad MLS, 15 pictures, distribution to a variety of third party websites (including, Trulia, and Zillow), a lockbox (on loan), sign, and a one hour consultation where we provide and go over the necessary disclosure forms you need to be aware of and answer any other questions you have about listing and selling your property. The basic package will run for six months with an option to renew for another six months.

Additionally, we have several ad-on services that you can request at any time:

Pictures – $50

We’ll come out to your house and take the pictures for you. All pictures are taken with an actual digital camera (not a phone), and you will have the opportunity to review all pictures before they are uploaded.

Walkthrough and CMA – $150

We’ll conduct a detailed walkthrough of your house and provide suggestions (in writing and with pictures) on how you might increase the appeal of your house in order to sell faster and for a better price. We’ll also provide a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) in order to give you a leg up when it comes to pricing your home competitively in your market.

Color Marketing Packets – $75

We’ll design and print 50 color marketing packets for your home and provide you with the template to make more.

Centralized Showings Service – $40

We’ll enroll your home into the Centralized Showing Service, providing automated instructions to Cooperating Brokers for showing the Property, as well as providing automated feedback on the property from those Brokers.

Consultation – $50/hr

If you need more help, we’re there. That includes guidance for negotiations, reviewing offers with you, assisting with your paperwork, and anything within the scope of accepted Real Estate Agency practice in North Carolina.